The CYPACP policy is available for download below in Microsoft Word format. It is anticipated that all the partner organisations that make up the collaborative will utilise this as a template to assemble a document that is compliant with their own internal formatting/content rules, that can be ratified and adopted into their governance structures.

It is vitally important that the children, young people and their families who’s care is supported by the CYPACP framework and documentation, can receive on-going or incidental care at any of the collaborating centres without any danger of misinterpretation or ambiguity. In order to achieve this it is vital that partner organisations are consistent in their approaches. Therefore in assembling local documents, for local adoption and approval, the core content of the template policy should be used in its entirety. Formatting, indexing and if necessary the sequence of sections may all be modified, but the text itself must not be changed in any way that might lead to a different interpretation of its meaning. Additions such as local equality clauses are both anticipated and expected.

It is requested that each organisation provides a copy of their approved version of the policy, together with an additional appendix that provides a summary of modifications, to the collaborative. These will all be made available on this website.

Please note below is a link to an interim version 2, work has started on a version 3 which will be uploaded as soon as this is finished.