Ante-natal Advance Care Plan (with and without ReSPECT)

When producing the latest version of the CYPACP (Version 5), particular attention has gone into ensuring it is suitable for all babies, infants, children and young people.

For all patient groups (with the exception of the ante-natal group) the Standard Advance Care Plan is suitable and can be found here: Standard Advance Care Plan (with and without ReSPECT)

For the ante-natal group, however, the management of a mother and her unborn baby, and the management of the baby at birth, require additional information.  Recognising a need for standardisation and the fact that babies often survive the initial period around birth (including those with palliative needs), we have decided that the best way to manage this is to have a separate Ante-Natal Advance Care Plan.  

The additional information required for the ante-natal (and at birth) period is detailed in two additional pages over that of the Standard Advance Care Plan.  Should the baby survive this initial period, these additional pages, ie the “Perinatal Details/Management” page and the “Management of baby at birth” page can be deleted leaving the Standard Advance Care Plan which is suitable for the remainder of the baby/child/young person’s life without having to re-introduce another care plan to the family.  

We hope that the ante-natal example documents will also help to explain this process but these examples are not yet available.  They will be added to the website very soon.

It is recommended that you use this website when creating a new care plan (rather than creating a template and working from that).  Thus, ensuring you are always using the latest version.


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