Example Documents and Case Studies

Example documents

We have produced some example documents to help show how the CYPACP can be utilised in different situations. We hope that you find these useful. We do aim to expand the number of these in future as we hope they are helpful, educational resources.

Further explanation of the ante-natal and post-natal documents:


Ante-natal example 


Post-natal example


Here is an example CYPACP for a young adult (with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). At the time of writing the CYPACP our example adult was 17 years old, had capacity and had the support of his parents and medical staff for his medical decisions.

You will note that he has requested a ‘modified’ resuscitation.  This essentially respects his decision that if he were to have a short respiratory deterioration (e.g. mucous plug) then it would be appropriate to give a short period of bag and mask. However, he has made the decision that chest compressions, intubation (nor admission to intensive care would be the right thing for him.  We hope this example is of use to see how these advance care plans can be used for the young adult.