Full Guidance

Best practice guidance to enhance the process of advance care planning for a child or young person

Advance care planning for children and young people is a complex intervention that needs the right support, resources, and skilled staff for it to be meaningful. The purpose of this guide is to help everyone involved in the process by establishing key principles for advance care planning, explaining key components of initiating advance care planning conversations and decision-making and providing a practical guide to completing the advance care plan document.

The work that has gone into creating this guidance has been made possible by the Marie Curie Research Impact Fund.

At a glance

Please find below brief overviews of some of the key information that can be found in the guide.

Understanding difference perspectives

In the set of videos below, a parent and doctor share their perspectives on advance care planning based on their experiences.

Emily Tammam is mum to Neve, who became known to the palliative care team when diagnosed with cancer. She sadly died in April 2023. Neve’s doctor was Paediatric Palliative Care Consultant, Dr Emily Harrop.